7 Apps to Keep You Organized and Productive

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of resources, tools and gadgets on the web. I recently did some “spring cleaning” and sorted, then deleted all of the apps and tools that were sitting unused on my computer and phone for months. After cleaning I realized my main tools whittled down to 6 organizational resources that help increase my productivity on a daily basis.

1) Zootool – I was never good at Bookmarking my favorite sites, resources, or articles. The thought of bookmarking seemed so unorganized and messy…. then I discovered Zootool.¬† This nifty tool allows you to collect various items from the sites you are bookmarking. For instance you can choose to bookmark a link, pictures from the link, videos, etc. After you create an account, you can organize the bookmarks by “packs” allowing you to categorize everything you save. The best part about ZT is the desktop version of the application.


2) HootSuite – The perfect tool to help organize multiple social networks. I use HootSuite to monitor, manage and update various profiles for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Read more about the top 10 reasons I use Hootsuite.



3) Producteev – If you’re anything like me, completing and delegating tasks per projects is essential for staying on track and making sure deadlines are hit. Producteev allows you to easily create and assign tasks, set deadlines, schedule reminders and set priorities per task. By far, my favorite feature of Producteev is the iPhone App. This App (unfortunately for iPhone only) syncs between the web and the app so you can manage projects right from your pocket! Did I mention Producteev has a Google App for G-mail that allows you to add tasks from your e-mails with a click of a button.



4) iGoogle – With iGoogle, easily add your favorite websites, blogs, etc. to your (customizable) homepage. The latest headlines from each site will display on your iGoogle page, allowing you to quickly see which posts you would like to read.


5) Evernote - Perfect for taking notes in meetings, jotting down those sporadic creative ideas, snapping pictures, clipping webpages and staying organized. Evernote syncs between your computer, phone and web so you never miss a beat in your busy life. One of the neatest features of Evernote is the image recognition. Printed and handwritten text inside images is searchable.


6) Read it Later has quickly become one of my favorite apps. This Firefox¬† extension allows you to save articles to your profile so you can read them later if you don’t have time. What’s more impressive is the iPhone app that allows you to catch up on your reading on your phone. Read it Later also includes offline reading. If you aren’t going to have internet access, you can still access all of your pages you have saved.

Pulse is a fun tool that helps you stay up to date with new posts from all of your favorite websites. Available for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, it’s the perfect way to pick and choose your readings.


What tools do you use on a regular basis to keep you on track?

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